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my FootDr™ Video Gait Analysis

my FootDr™ podiatry centres is Australia's largest and most trusted podiatry group, with over 18 clinics in Queensland and now in Asia!

PinPointe FootLaser

PinPointe™ FootLaser™ is a revolutionary fungal nail treatment for men and women, is pain free and is clinically proven to eliminate all types of nail fungus.

Diabetic Assessment at my FootDr™

From the use of doppler technology, biothesiometers and routine checkups techniques through to the 100% foot offloading TAG Brace and pedorthic shoe modifications, we ensure that diabetic patients are looked after and remain on their feet.

Shoe Modifications

Specialising in custom, high quality shoe and lower limb device modifications to correct and heal major problems of the feet and lower limbs.

TAG Brace Fitting

Introducing the TAG Brace into Australia and saving diabetic and fracture patients from major complications and potential amputations.

Orthema Orthotics

Expanding the Orthema™ CAD/CAM foot orthotic milling system throughout Australia, ensuring high quality, precision orthotics for all patients.

Foot Care Solutions® Australia - Product Brands

Foot Care Solutions® Australia brings the best in footcare products and equipment to astute footcare professionals around the country.